Dehydrating Carrots

dehydrating carrots: display of dehydrated carrots

Dehydrating carrots is not only simple, it is also straight forward. It can constitute a

great fun too if handled appropriately.

Well dehydrated carrots constitute a healthy and ready to eat snacks. They are very delicious too!

Quality dehydrated carrots are readily available at the amazon. Though it is cheaper to

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Quick Steps in Dehydrating Carrots

Dehydrating carrots properly involve the following easy steps:

Select the carrots to dehydrate

Clean the carrots

Slice or cut the carrots

Spread the carrots on the dehydrators’ tray

Load the trays back into the dehydrator

Watch out for dryness

Package and store the carrots

Here are the detailed steps:

First, select the carrots to be dehydrated. For best results, do not use carrots that have

shown signs of rottenness. Big, mature carrots also give better results than premature, baby carrots.


Second, wash the carrots very well. This is done by washing a number of times until it’s sparkling clean.

It should be completely free from such things as sand, roots and any other form of dirt.


Peeling it is optional. It is better not to if it is well washed. This is because the skin also

contains some vital nutrients. Trimming the tops will be sufficient.


Cut the carrots according to the shape desired. It may be in circles, cubes or diced, or stripes.

Dehydrating Carrots: Carrots Slicer

Carrots Slicer

It is important that the cutting or slicing should be uniform. This in turn will

ensure that the drying is also uniform.

Uniform cutting is made easier and faster by the use of general . or .. Stylish and noodles-like cuttings may be done using ..


Steam blanching of the carrot is optional. It may be carried out for two reasons. One, it

helps maintain the color of the carrots. Two, it helps crack the surface of the carrots

which makes dehydration easier.


Steam blanching is best achieved by electric steamers. In their absence, the improvised pan-type

steamer may be used. In this case, the carrot is poured on the perforated upper section

of the steamer. The carrot is allowed to steam for about three minutes.

Blanching has the disadvantages of destroying part of the enzymes and minerals

that the vegetables are rich in.

You may skip the blanching if you don’t mind the minor color changes.


Pour the steamed carrots into cold water to cool. Drain the water and use a paper towel

to blot out the excess water.


Spread the carrots evenly on the trays of the dehydrator. Better result is achieved if the carrots are

in a single layer and do not overlap.


Place the trays into the  food dehydrator and turn it on. Quality . make dehydrating a lot

easier. Set the dehydrator’s temperature at 125 degrees Fahrenheit or

52 degrees Celsius which is the best temperature for dehydrating carrots and most other vegetables.


Dehydrating  carrots take between 6 – 1o hours.

It is a good practice to turn the trays midway into the dehydration. Turn the

dehydrator’s trays through 180 degrees to ensure uniform dehydration. This is  particularly the

case if you are using shelf dehydrators, such as the Excalibur food dehydrators.


Start checking for dryness after about 4 hours.


The carrots are dried when they become leathery.

Dehydrating Carrots: Good Looking Dehydrated Carrots

Good Looking Dehydrated Carrots

In dehydrating carrots appropriately, it is of great importance that the carrots should

not be under dried. This tends to cause the carrots to mold and to spoil quickly.

Also, over drying the carrots is not the best. This tends to destroy its nutrients contents

and quality.

It also makes it look unappealing. Well dehydrated carrots will look appealing and


When the carrots are dried, allow it to cool before unpacking  them from the dehydrator’s tray .


Package the carrots and store.

The dehydrated carrots may be packaged in a zip loc bags or glass containers for appropriate storage.


Re -hydration of the carrot is also easy and simple.


Re hydration or reconstitution is the process of allowing the dried vegetables to acquire back water.

This enables the vegetable to return to its original (or near so) size, form, appearance and

color for premium dehydrated vegetables.

Rehydrating the carrots may be done by

Boiling: Place equal volumes of carrots and water in a bowl and soak for about ten minutes.

Bring to boil and then simmer until tender as you desire.

Soaking: soak the carrots in water for at least one hour before starting to check for tenderness.

Dehydrated carrots may also be reconstituted by cooking.

It may also be added straight to any recipe of your choice.


Dehydrating carrots is easy. It is fun. Dehydrating carrots at home gives you complete control

over the additives to add or avoid. You may wish to compare your dried carrots with these  good

looking .  available at the amazon.


You may wish to share your experiences of dehydrating carrots with us.


Happy dehydrating carrots!




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